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Scooter Wheels available at Skate Sale

Feast your eyes on the huge range of wheels for scooters available now at Skate Sale. Micro scooters have once again become a worldwide phenomenon and more and more scooter riders are looking for ways to personalise their scooter to make it unique to them. One of the most popular ways is to change their scooter wheels.

It's quick and easy to change the wheels on a scooter and Skate Sale are proud to stock the widest range of scooter wheels online with a huge selection of 100mm scooter wheels including awesome metal core scooter wheels. With brands including Yak wheels, JD Bug, MADD MGP, Kryptonics, Blazer, Eagle, Slamm, Grit and more, you're guaranteed to find the wheels you need to "Pimp" your scooter.

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